Key Points To Consider Before Switching From Windows to Linux

By admin April 19, 2017

As Linux is free and Windows is getting larger and larger, which automatically makes users having to switch to a newer system the question of switching to another system which is reliable, free and has an avid fan base would sooner or later arise. But how hard or easy it is to switch from one to another and how much do you have to learn in order to use Linux successfully? This is what we would like to write about this time around. Let’s see some of the main points you need to know before you decide to switch.

There are tons of different types of Linux packs depending on what you want to use it for

It’s generally said that Linux and its subversions are generally good and used by those who professionally deal with programming or other IT related features. But as of today, anyone can use Linux and after a while it would be comfortable. The only thing is, that Adobe Flash does not work on Linux at all.

The structuring will be different

There is a tree-like structuring in Linux which is unknown to windows users and therefore it needs to be experimented with until someone gets used to it. But after a while it would come out that this structure is way safer than the generic windows structuring.

You need to have a grasp of IT knowledge before deciding on trying any Linux OS

Quite honestly the system itself has so many DIY elements and they are not ready-made or readily cooked to serve it like a ready-made meal, as in the case of Windows, which doesn’t leave much of a choice for users but this is way friendlier for most of us who only use it for work and do not wish to deal with programming or web design. Linux has a specific do it yourself element which will be very confusing for a new user. You ought to learn about specific commands, downloading ways and some other things too. If you can take part or download a Linux course for beginners and get the list of terminal commands you are pretty good. In addition Linux has a good fan base which even act as support if you are stuck anywhere.

Linux has a brilliant package manager for all programs

With any Linux it will be way easier to keep track of all the applications and programs you have installed and this is also true for their updates. The package manager of Linux will automatically take care of this and also of the quick installation of all updates these programs need.

Linux is full of apps and even Windows apps can be mostly used on it

There is a growing number of programs or apps which are now available for Linux users to use as well. So far this had been the largest issue and the key point for making a decision to switch. Now, if you can’t find something for Linux (MS Office or Adobe’s programs) you can find pretty good alternatives for making them work.

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